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Shoe Whitener – cleaning Agent White Shoe Cleaner–

Shoe Whitener – cleaning Agent White Shoe Cleaner–

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⭐ Bubble foam, Wipe & Wear Immediately!

⭐ Solve all kinds of dirt on shoes!!!

✅ Function: Inhibition of bacteria and deodorization, fresh fragrance, effective antibacterial, harmless, sterilization.

✅ Capacity: 200ml

✅ Physical form: Foam Spray

✅ Ingredients: interface active ingredients, antibacterial agents, flavors, silver ion Ag+, etc.

✅ How to use:

👉 Brush out all the dust

👉 Shake the product & spray

👉 Wait for 30sec, then use wet towel to wipe it

👉 Use a semi-wet cloth to wipe it for finishing

✅ Precautions:

👉 Keep out of the reach of children

👉 This product is not edible

👉 Do not place in high temperature, squeeze or puncture to avoid danger

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