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Glowing Luminious Tape

Glowing Luminious Tape

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"🌟 Illuminate Your World with Glowing Luminous Tape! 🌟

Say goodbye to fumbling in the dark and welcome a world of brilliance with our Glowing Luminous Tape. This incredible tape offers a radiant solution to all your visibility needs.

✨ Key Features:

  • Glows in the dark for hours
  • Ultra-durable and weather-resistant
  • Versatile - perfect for safety, decor, and more

With endless possibilities for creativity and safety, our Glowing Luminous Tape is your bright idea. Don't wait - light up your life today! 💡 #LuminousTape #GlowInTheDark #IlluminateYourWorld"

Color: As Displayed
Emission Hue: Vibrant Green
Dimensions: 1cm x 300m
Crafted from robust materials with a distinctive design.
Environmentally friendly and adhesive on its own.
Naturally emits a soft glow for over 5 hours, eliminating the need for power.
Eco-conscious, these luminous labels not only offer enhanced safety but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of their surroundings.
Package Contents:
1 x Self-Adhering Luminescent Tape

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